2020 Fall Block Champion – Jim Ponek


Jim Ponek, Parks and Recreation Director, Panama City Beach, Florida

Imagination Playground is proud to introduce to our Fall 2020 Block Champion, Jim Ponek, who is the Parks and Recreation Director of Panama City Beach, Florida!

Jim helped bring the Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks to the Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach, Florida over three years ago and has since added on Medium Blue Block pieces, as well as the Curves and Angles Big Block add-ons. The enclosed space is open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, for children to come play and stretch their imaginations!

The playground in Panama City Beach is open year round and was even able to remain open throughout Covid-19 with cleaning and sanitizing protocols put into place. Jim Ponek believes that “Imagination Playground is an amazing place for youth to have fun and smile!” If you are visiting Panama City Beach, make sure to add a stop to play with the Blue Blocks to your itinerary!

What is your title/role with the organization?

Director of Parks and Recreation

Tell us a little bit about you and your role!

Responsible for City of Panama City Beach Parks, Playgrounds, Beaches, Pier, Special Events, Aquatics, Tournaments, Youth and Adult Sports.

How long has your organization had Imagination Playground Blocks?

Over 2 years

Were you part of the initial decision to bring the Blocks to the museum? 

Yes we are one of the first outside Imagination Playgrounds open to the public.



How did the museum fund the Blocks? 

The City budgeted for the Imagination Playground.

Tell us some examples of the lessons/activities you use the Blocks for!   

A open playground for the public that is open Monday – Friday.

How did COVID-19 effect your use of the Blue Blocks? 

We kept the playground open per City Council Decision and kept the blocks cleaned and sanitized weekly.

What is your favorite thing about the Blue Blocks? 


What do you think is the children’s’ favorite part of the Blue Blocks? 

It is their own creation.

What would you tell another that was considering buying the Blocks? 

Do It!

Is there anything else you want to share about your experience with the Blocks? 

Imagination Playground is an amazing place for youth to have fun and smile…