Imagination Publishing

In conjunction with Duran Place for Kids and research from Embrace Health Innovations.

As leaders in the loose-part play learning community, we spend our days seeking out and working with Pediatric and Child Development Professionals to ensure our products are as effective and impactful as possible.  Fortunately for us, there is no shortage of Imagination Playground enthusiasts who are constantly coming to us with innovative ideas and creative concepts that we love to hear and help bring to life when we can. So when our former Block Champions  from Duran Place for Kids developed their collaborative concept, we knew this was something special!

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All of the Imagination Publishing books are full of engaging designs that encourage readers to sort, probe, and find the matching Blue Blocks to the creation of the page. Embrace both the power of loose-part play learning and early reading skills with one of the These Are Not Blocks books!

“With data on play, self-expression, and imagination we’re inspired by this unique time in history and a collective love and concern for children youth and families .Our vision is for them to benefit from our innovations and to continue imaginative play and focus on self-expression and early mindfulness. Facilitating early literacy and communications with loose parts and unstructured play , that supports their imagination and in turn , their cognitive growth and development.”

   -Arlene Lusterio CEO of Embrace Health Innovations