Big Blue Block Add-Ons

Discover versatile add-on sets for Big Blue Block, designed to enhance creative children’s free play. These innovative extensions provide endless possibilities for imagination and learning, fostering creativity, collaboration, and active play in kids of all ages.

Add-On Angles & Curves Sets

The Angles Set introduces more advanced geometric concepts like polygons and concave shapes. Wider range in scale and angular shapes gives children more variety and the ability to construct more mechanical connections. 

The Curves Set offers curvilinear shapes that add an element of whimsy, and allow children more opportunities for self-expression. These complex, biomorphic forms give children much greater range for figuration, finer details and advanced structures.

The Angles and Curves Sets up the ante in complexity as the children construct and play. These shapes prompt children to consider balance, asymmetry, positive and negative space, and to think ahead as they build. The new shapes also prompt more nuanced thinking—with more small-scale parts that allow for props, accents, furniture, and object-scale inventions. Through trial and error, children also learn to work with irregularity and parts that don’t easily fit together.

Add-On Angles Blocks

Add-On Curves Blocks

Transportation Set

This brand new Big Blue Blocks set is made up of new shapes, like Main Frame and various designs of wings and wheels, that inspire vehicles, while staying true to the loose-parts play philosophy!

Create a submarine for two sailors on an underwater mission, or a plane to explore the clouds with this new set sure to put your imagination in motion!

The Transportation Set is made up of 102 pieces, designed to build 3+ unique vehicles at a time. The Imagination Playground Transportation Set is designed to be easily integrated and complimentary to the original Big Blue Blocks, but can also be used as a standalone loose-parts play set!

Kick your imagination into high gear with the set created to build bikes, boats, planes, rockets, and more! Click the button below to connect with a Play Professional and learn how you can be one of the first to own this Blue Blocks set that will transport your play to a new, imaginative level!

Connector Sets

The Connectors set introduces more advanced forms of construction activity to the Imagination Playground family of products. With Connectors, children build machines, characters, vehicles, wearables, and infinitely more. A powerful way to fuel children’s ingenuity and their drive to dream and invent, the Connectors set lets children experiment with mechanical connections and a variety of simple machines.

The set includes quantities of 16 different shapes and is ideal for the classroom and indoor recreational spaces. This fun and engaging tool for STEM learning is the perfect medium for exploring mechanical connections and structures. A great stand-alone Blue Block set, but it also integrates well with our Medium and Big Blue Blocks.

Imagination Playground is made out of waterproof foam, the blocks are resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, and microorganisms. Introducing breakthrough technologies, these highly durable parts can be recycled if desired; please contact Imagination Playground for more details.

Mixed Blue Blocks Sets

With a combination of Medium Blue Blocks that are perfectly sized for smaller indoor or outdoor spaces and our ever-popular Big Blue Blocks, children can stack, channel and build like never before!  Our sets have been carefully assembled to provide 100% of the child developmental benefits and play value you’ve come to expect from Imagination Playground. 

The Mix Set (75 pieces) and Mix Set Plus (100 pieces) consist of modular, rectilinear parts that are easy to stack, line up and move around. Children enjoy an endless variety of play patterns including construction, pretend play, role-playing and inventing their own games. Most importantly, they are deeply engaged, active and have hours of fun.