What is Imagination Playground?

“Imagination Playground blocks are an incredible play system for unlocking children’s creative spirit.”

What is Imagination Playground?

Imagination Playground is an innovative playground equipment system that transforms any space — schools, children’s museums, parks and recreation, daycare centers, camps, hospitals, churches — into a play space that encourages learning, social development, movement, and above all fun.

Using Imagination Playground blocks, kids build a new world every day. They make objects like animals, rocket ships, and robots. They make imaginary places like houses, factories, and cities. They make new dramatic scenarios, settings, and games to play. Most important, they make the rules. Because Imagination Playground is child-directed and open-ended, it encourages self-expression through deep, joyful play.

Imagination Playground blocks are sold in sets suitable for a variety of outdoor and indoor sites, offering a cost-effective way to give children of multiple ages access to productive play. Blocks are available in curated sets that serve 1 to 25+ children or you can design your own set. In addition there are multiple storage and mobility options available. Click the Learn More links on the right to explore your options.

Imagination Playground is Loose Parts

Traditional playgrounds consist primarily of fixed equipment, such as slides, monkey bars and teeter-totters, all of which focus on developing children’s gross motor skills. Imagination Playground is made up of what experts call “loose parts” that prompt children to transform their environment and create a play space of their own.

Imagination Playground is a wide variety of loose parts, including cubes, bricks, cogs, curves, and cylinders. But the parts are not simply loose. They have holes and shapes that fit together in ways that allow the continuation of a child’s idea. A pair becomes a wall. A wall becomes a room. A room becomes a house. The pieces fit connect together to make immersive play last a long time.

Imagination Playground is Big Block Play

Researchers have long known that playing with blocks helps children develop cognitive and social skills. From wooden Unit Blocks to Lincoln Logs® to Legos®, we all remember playing with blocks in some form or another as children.

Imagination Playground blocks combine all of the benefits of block play on a larger-than-life-size scale that encourages kids to play together in groups and have more fun.


Imagination Playground is Free Play

Unstructured, child-directed play is a critical component of healthy social, emotional, and intellectual development. Unlike toys and games, Imagination Playground blocks don’t dictate to children the way they’re meant to be played.

With Imagination Playground, kids literally make their own open-ended fun. There’s no right or wrong way to play with them. That’s also why they’re only available in one color. This facilitates more imaginative play, without any distraction or competition that might arise from having multi-colored toys.

Imagination Playground is Safe

Imagination Playground blocks are made of a lightweight foam that is non-toxic and microbe and mold resistant. They’re soft and friendly to the touch yet dense and firm enough to build structures and shapes.

Imagination Playground blocks meet American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CFSC) standards.

Imagination Playground is Durable

Unlike other loose parts that may have a short life span under repeated use or in an outdoor environment, Imagination Playground is made of a dense, but lightweight foam that is waterproof and resistant to weather conditions such as sun, heat, and cold. The blocks are durable and long lasting but, can be recycled if desired; please contact Imagination Playground for more details.

Imagination Playground can quickly and easily be deployed indoors or outdoors on any surface: including asphalt, concrete, wood chips, grass, carpeting, linoleum, or a gym floor.

Imagination Playground is designed to meet the needs and budgetary realities of schools, parks departments, museums, and child care centers.

If your organization has a space that isn’t living up to its potential, Imagination Playground can help you quickly, easily, and affordably transform it to serve your mission. You only need 250 square feet of play space to create an instant imagination playground at your facility.

Imagination Playground can bring new life to the play assets you already have. From typical gym class play equipment like balls and fabric to architectural and natural elements, the blocks inspire children can find new ways to use existing things in ways probably won’t expect.