Block Walls and Custom Playspaces

The Big Blue Blocks and the custom-designed play spaces that surround them have become a central feature in hundreds of museums, family centers, and entertainment facilities around the world. The FIRST custom play space and Block Wall created is still in play today at the National Building Museum in Washington DC!

Custom walls not only serve as a fitting backdrop for Blue Block play, but kids actually can build off of the wall or into the wall. “The ability to build off the walls and the addition of matching foam tables and chairs really makes a space more inviting and engaging,” Stallman shares. “I equate it to the decor and immersive atmosphere customers enjoy while waiting in a line for a ride. It sets the tone and pulls you into the story you are about to experience.”  

Customize and cover your space with the iconic, durable BLUE foam- from the interactive walls, to unique furniture additions, to HUGE logo blocks and wall decals- create your own Imagination Playground to fit your space and needs!

“Adding a block wall or a completely custom play space for the Big Blue Blocks takes everything to a whole new level,” says Jim Stallman, Owner of Imagination Playground. “The space becomes a play zone that further encourages collaborative activity, physical movement, social development, and creativity.”

Imagination Playground works with your design and installation teams to make your custom play space dreams come true. Contact us today to make your Blue Blocks immersive dreams come true!