Community Fundraising

Communities Love to Help - Bringing Creative Play to Your Children is Easier than You Think!

Are you one of the many Schools and Family Centers that dearly want an Imagination Playground but could use some help with funding? If so, our Community Fundraising Guide is just for you!

Based on “tried and true” techniques from previous successful campaigns, we have created this free, downloadable packet that includes:

  • An easy, step-by-step guide to creating and promoting a successful campaign (all in just 10 steps!)
  • Downloadable resources including our mission brochure, logo, and images—everything you need to create convincing and compelling communications surrounding your efforts.
  • Videos that tell the story of the creative play offered by Imagination Playground Blocks
  • Additional tips and article links to support and spark creative ideas!

Not only is community fundraising fun and easy—it works! Read what previous community campaigners have to say…

"Woohoo! We've raised enough money to purchase the 105 piece Big Blue Blocks! I can't wait to see the faces of the children when they find out!"
“Almost 3000 dollars in one month, thanks to your generosity.”
“These are going to be so fun for our kids. Thank you for loving our students as much as we do!!”
Jumpstart an Imagination Playground Fundraiser with our Community Fundraising Guide!