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We're so excited that you've come to learn more about what it takes to be an Imagination Playground Play Associate.

We intend for this area to be a constantly evolving resource for you and the rest of the Play Associate community. Please feel free to download as much information as you’d like, as well as contact us at contactus@imaginationplayground.org if you have a question that’s not answered on the site.

The Imagination Playground team

Transform Your Children's Lives Through Play

Thank you for making play important in the lives of your children by choosing an Imagination Playground. Together we’re transforming children’s minds, bodies and spirits through play.

Start your Imagination Playground experience by downloading the materials in the Welcome Kit, here you will find great information on these magical blocks and the benefits of unstructured, child-directed free play. We encourage you to read Guidance to Play and Provocations for Design; for open ended prompts, lessons and insights that will help your children collaborate on solutions through play!

Share these materials with anyone who will enable an environment in which children can direct their own play.  And upon receipt of your Imagination Playground, you’ll find your User’s Manual packed neatly with your Big Blue Blocks.

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