Transportation Block Set

Transportation Block Set

This brand new Big Blue Blocks set is made up of new shapes, like Main Frame and various designs of wings and wheels, that inspire vehicles, while staying true to the loose-parts play philosophy!

Create a submarine for two sailors on an underwater mission, or a plane to explore the clouds with this new set sure to put your imagination in motion!

The Transportation Set is made up of 90 pieces, designed to build 3+ unique vehicles at a time. The Imagination Playground Transportation Set is designed to be easily integrated and complimentary to the original Big Blue Blocks, but can also be used as a standalone loose-parts play set!

Kick your imagination into high gear with the set created to build bikes, boats, planes, rockets, and more! Click the button below to connect with a Play Professional and learn how you can be one of the first to own this Blue Blocks set that will transport your play to a new, imaginative level!

102 Piece Set

Set includes:  92 Transporation Blocks, 10 Big Noodles

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All Imagination Playground Blue Blocks are made out of waterproof foam, making the Blocks resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, and microorganisms.