Where Are The Blue Blocks – Croatia

Our play partners at Plavi Svijet — translated as Blue World — are located in Croatia. The organization was established in September 2020 and focuses on unstructured, loose-parts play. They believe that quality play is essential for a child’s growth and development.

It was initially intended as a playroom in which children could enjoy daily play, but now Blue World offers birthday parties using their Big Blue Blocks as the primary activity!  Various workshops are also offered on topics such as math, creativity, and expression.

In addition to the activities within the playroom, Blue World also serves as a representative for Imagination Playground in Croatia, enabling the procurement of Blue Blocks for other businesses, kindergartens, and schools for unstructured play. Furthermore, the company participates in socially beneficial activities and is a frequent guest at local events and fairs with the aim of promoting unstructured play and laying the foundation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities for children.

At Blue World, they believe their visitors’ favorite aspect of using the Blue Blocks is the versatility! “The Blocks don’t just bond the children to one idea or solution, but encourage them to think ‘outside the box,’ in creative and unconventional ways. In Blue World, everything is possible and children can be whoever they want to be– and we truly believe in them!” says a representative from Blue World.

Blue World is co-financed by the European Union and that is how they initially purchased their first set of Big Blue Blocks. When asked if there was anything else they would like to share about their experience with Big Blue Blocks, they said the best way to understand the value of the Blocks is to see and feel them live! Blue World invites companies and organizations in Central and Eastern Europe to contact them to set up a hands-on experience of the Big Blue Blocks! 

What is your organization’s name and where is it located?

Our organization’s name is Plavi svijet, or in translation – Blue World! We are located in Croatia.

Tell us a little bit about your organization!

The foundation of Blue World is loose-part, unstructured play. We believe that quality play is extremely important for the growth and development of every child. In Blue World’s playroom, children can engage in creative play that helps them develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. Following these principles and children’s interests and play dynamics, Blue World is continually developing new educational programs through play, as well as organizing fun family events for children and their parents.

Does your country use/implement loose-part play differently from other parts of the world?

We haven’t noticed that Croatia uses loose-part play much differently from other parts of the world, but what we have noticed is that this type of play is still not that popular among public children-oriented attractions and programs (museums, playrooms etc.), as it is in kindergartens. Due to the lack of unstructured play in general, we have decided to spread the word about its importance and have been trying to implement it in all kinds of activities for children ever since.

How long has your organization had Imagination Playground Blocks?

We purchased our first set of Imagination Playground Blue Blocks in 2019 and they have served as the foundation for free, unstructured play for children ever since.

How did the organization initially fund the blocks?

Blue World implements the project “Innovative service – Creative Playroom Blue World“ and is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund through the Call for Project Proposals for Innovations by newly established SMEs. Therefore, the initial purchase of the blocks was funded through this project.

How did the organization initially hear about Imagination Playground?

A friend of our founders saw information about Imagination Playground on the Internet, and he shared it with them. It was the perfect fit for their business idea.

What are some examples of ways the organization uses the Blue Blocks?

Blue World organizes various activities for children with Blue Blocks. It was initially founded as a creative playroom that offers daily play for children, but also organizes birthday parties with block play as their main activity. The best way to learn is through play, which is why Blue World offers various thematically organized workshops to help children develop basic STEM skills and express themselves. We offer workshops for children over 4 years old, based on topics that are crucial in preparing children for life: math, language and expression, creativity, and understanding the basics of science.

What are the children’s favorite aspects of using the Blue Blocks?


Children’s favorite aspect of using the Blue Blocks is probably their versatility – the Blocks engage imaginative thinking and creativity. They don’t bond children to just one idea or solution, but encourage them to think ‘outside the box’, in creative and unconventional ways. 

What would you tell another organization that was considering purchasing Imagination Playground Blocks?

Don’t just consider it – go for it! Imagination Playground blocks have so many benefits for children in every aspect of their development – physical, psychological, social. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to offer children (and their parents!) the simplest way of playing and getting amazing results from it?

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with Blue Blocks?

In our experience, the best way to understand the value of Big Blue Blocks is to see and feel them in action! Therefore, we are inviting companies and organizations in Central and Eastern Europe to contact us for a hands-on experience of Big Blue Blocks in our attractive playroom in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Furthermore, we can set up our pop-up playground anywhere in Central and Eastern Europe!